Thursday, October 29, 2009

This is Halloween.....:O

Halloween is in a couple of days.
Sadly, they don't celebrate Halloween in the Netherlands. Which pretty much sucks, seeing as it is my favorite holiday. I'm celebrating it this year by watching a scary movie at a friend's house and stuffing myself with candy, but it's not quite the same.
What they do have here in Sint Maarten (5 November.) If you've ever attended Sunday School, you would know that St. Martin is the saint that ripped his coat in half and gave it to a beggar that turned out to be Jesus.
(He also got torn on a spit later on or something like that, but let's not get into details.)
Children celebrate it here the same way Halloween is celebrated in the U.S., except they don't dress up. What they do is carry hand-made paper lanterns from door-to-door because it's dark..... smart!
Unfortunately it's really only for children, as a 16-year-old I'd probably be called a creep and get thrown in the bushes by kindergarteners.

This Is It is coming out in the movie theaters prettttyyy soon (30 October, I think) so I'm planning to get around to seeing that as well. :O

Peace out,