Friday, February 5, 2010

My Valentine's Day Confession: Battlling the Winter Blues

I'm sitting here alone on Valentine's Day, with a major cold, sipping a cup of tea and attemting to recuperate from God-know's-what. I'm not really feeling too well. The problem is, I haven't been feeling too well for the last couple of months.
Truth is, I don't like the winter at all. I can't stand it. The whole winter long I'm sniffly, attempting to make it through the day with cups of tea and lots of tissues and vitamin pills. Winter is also extremely bad for my skin, and my eczema has been spreading itself throughout my body like some kind of bad disease. That's also the reason I haven't been using my super new cool webcam I got for Christmas lately (new...OK, it's been two months, but whatever,) because I don't actually want anyone to see what I look like at the moment.
Trust me, it's baaddddddddd.
Winter also shifts my mindset. It makes my brain settle down into a kind of foggy depression, and my energy level is generally very low. Winter also gives me dandruff, causes me to sleep badly, etcetera, if I'm ever grumpy, you know what my problem is. I always try to stay optimistic,'s almost March (half-way February) so the end is in sight. In the spring everything goes back to normal,and I go back to being happy and chipper again. :)

Happy Valentine's Day everyone, to everyone who is celebrating it.

Peace out,