Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas. :D

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone. :D


Saturday, December 19, 2009


I haven't been more glad with having vacation then I am now.
I slept for 12 hours last night and I didn't even wake up feeling that refreshed. :O Talk about having to catch up on sleep.
But yeah...the last days before the vacation were fun. :)
Thursday it was: the Christmas dance. There are pictures of me on my school website, but I'd actually prefer not to post them here, seeing as I look a bit far gone. :)
Yes, I must admit, I did drink something. (Me already being 16, the legal drinking age in the Netherlands, I allowed myself a drink or two.) It wasn't that much, only two glasses of rose, but I'm not used to drinking alcohol and got very sleepy at the end when they were taking pictures. It was fun, though. The only annoying things were:

1. I can't really dance so I was just sort of moving along occasionally to make it look like I was making an effort (haha.)
2. I was standing underneath a balcony ( they were celebrating the dance in a rented room at a party center/bowling alley) where a couple of IDIOTS were pouring beer on people and my beautiful dress got covered in it.

But other then that, I thought it was great. Some people were so far gone it was hilarious. Raoul, this friend of mine, had drunk 9 beers and claimed he wasn't drunk.... (yeah right. I saw the way he was dancing and it was pretty clear to me. XD Sorry, Raoul, if you ever read this. Not that it was that bad....but the way you were dancing with Thirza was kind of questionable.)

The next day we had to be at school at 9(!) o'clock for Christmas breakfast with the class and we had to give a presentation. And remember, the dance lasted until one o' clock. We were a class full of zombies with bags under our eyes and major hangovers.
Ow. My poor abused brain.....

But yes. I'm home now and I can cuddle up on the warm couch by the christmas tree.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! :)



Sunday, December 13, 2009

Oh yeah.........

I was going to write about the Hague. I've been so terribly busy lately I haven't had time to breathe, eat, go to the bathroom properly (sorry...too much information...) floss or put on matching socks, let alone do something as properly useless as writing on a blog. Especially a blog very little people read except myself. :D But you never know, that might change one day...
Seeing as I don't have pictures (die horrible camera DIE) because I have a crappy-ass camera of which the battery dies every 5 minutes. I asked my dad for a camera last year
I must say, it was really awesome. :O
We went to Parlement, the Ministry of Defense, en the Haags Gemeente Museum (roughly translated, the County Museum of the Hague) where I saw works, close-up and personal, of artists like Cezanne, Piet Mondriaan (Dutchman, I'm glad some of his works are actually hanging in museums in the Netherlands) and Picasso.

I should actually be in bed right now (guility looks at the clock) and I promise, PROMISE, that I will actually write more useful things in my blog as soon as I have the time.( I still have to write about Sinterklaas, my awesome dress I got for the Christmas dance (which is Thursday) and perhaps fill out that interview I stole from Roseanne's blog. Not to mention do something about this freakish cheery Granny Smith lay-out, which is hurting my eyes.)

Next week is the start of the Christmas holidays so I'll have oceans of time to sip hot chocolate, crawl under a blanket, read War and Peace, or perhaps take time to write on my blog!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Yay, the Hague! :D

Right now it's 6:30 in the morning. I'm going on a school trip with my class to the Hague today, and we're going to Parlement and we get to interview people for a school project. It's going to be pretty cool. :) And we also get to go to some museums or another. But I'm in a bit of a hurry now so I will tell this all later.

'Til then,

Saturday, November 28, 2009

About Me

Anyone reading this blog might want to know something about me. So I'll give you a few facts.

I'm a multicultural sort of girl and am interested in different cultures, countries en languages. I have a love for writing and fashion. I am also a europhile and definitely an anglophile, because my TV is switched to the BBC more then it probably should be. :P I want to travel and see as much of the world as I can, which is also why I want to become a journalist.

Interests: writing, poetry, photography
Likes: poetry. fashion. life. love. Emily Dickinson. Shakespeare
Dislikes: rain. cycling in it. goat cheese.
Obsessions: Elizabeth I. Victorian/ Elizabethian era. James McAvoy. any movie with Keira Knightley in it. costume drama. anything British. peanut butter.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

This is Halloween.....:O

Halloween is in a couple of days.
Sadly, they don't celebrate Halloween in the Netherlands. Which pretty much sucks, seeing as it is my favorite holiday. I'm celebrating it this year by watching a scary movie at a friend's house and stuffing myself with candy, but it's not quite the same.
What they do have here in Sint Maarten (5 November.) If you've ever attended Sunday School, you would know that St. Martin is the saint that ripped his coat in half and gave it to a beggar that turned out to be Jesus.
(He also got torn on a spit later on or something like that, but let's not get into details.)
Children celebrate it here the same way Halloween is celebrated in the U.S., except they don't dress up. What they do is carry hand-made paper lanterns from door-to-door because it's dark..... smart!
Unfortunately it's really only for children, as a 16-year-old I'd probably be called a creep and get thrown in the bushes by kindergarteners.

This Is It is coming out in the movie theaters prettttyyy soon (30 October, I think) so I'm planning to get around to seeing that as well. :O

Peace out,


Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I'm not really OK, I keep lying to everyone.
(I doubt many people actually read this so I have a place to whine on without reprecussions...and I don't know how to spell that word, lol.)
The truth is, I'm ridicously homesick. Maybe it's strange to be homesick for a country (the U.S.) I have been away from for so long but the feeling simply. Truth be told, I don't fit in too well here. Especially not Hoofddorp, this horribly boring hole of a village I'm stuck in. At one point I was convinced everything was falling into place, now it's all mixed-up again, and I'm not quite sure if I can put it right.
Sometimes I frustrate myself: there's really nothing wrong with my life, so why do I always feel like there is? Why do I feel like crying all the time? It's that feeling of something being missing. Something intangible.
I'm sick of feeling like a foreigner, making mistakes and not being able to express myself in a language. In the U.S. sometimes I feel strange too, because no-one understands it when I ramble on about Dutch football(erm, soccer) or things like that, but at least it's easier to adapt. No accent to give me away.

And I miss alot of people. I guess I'm angry at all the people I've lost over the years, just because of stupid parents that decided to ship me all over the place like a lost package.
(The truth is I can't go back to the U.S., I don't have a choice, and I should just tell that to myself so I can stop hoping.)
Stupid war raging in my brain, not feeling at ease anywhere.
I don't know if it will ever be alright. But I can keep hoping.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hello from Drenthe

Hello, I am typing this from a vacation park in Drenthe (a region in the southern part of the Netherlands) where we have been staying for the last week. Nice and green here, only place in the Netherlands where you actually see trees. And it's above sea level! :O
We're staying in an old farm house type thing, only problem is the moths, who seem to enjoy taking refuge in my closet.
Yesterday I met this tiny girl on the playground (hey,I was playing soccer with my many siblings) who seemed to think I was her new best friend. Now she won't leave me alone. Cute, really. Funny how making friends when you are little is so easy. You just hit someone in the head with a lego block and, bam! you've made a bond for life(or at least for the next few minutes.) You do that as a teenager and you get called a creep and get a stilletto in your an adult you would probably get arrested for assault.
But anyway, having a good time here. Can't type anymore because I don't have any more coins for the internet. 1 euro for 8 minutes, what a rip-off.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

MJ's memorial

Let's get this straight:

I didn't cry.
Didn't shed a single tear.
OK, maybe choked up a bit when his daughter burst into tears. But who didn't. :)

I really liked Brooke Shield's speech (I've always liked her...and of course she has a cool name, hehehe) and how she got pretty emotional. You could tell she was really missing him.
The whole feeling of the memorial was kind of clearing of MJ'S name, blotting out all the bad everyone has ever said and overwhelming everyone with the good. He has done so many good things, only he doesn't go shoving it up everyone's nose like other celebrities so he can quietly donate to lots of charities.
But no-one ever thinks of that, do they? Most people just think of MJ as a creepy kid-touching hermaphrodite, which kind of pisses me off.
The songs were really nice, and that kid who sang Who's Loving You should totally get signed. He is amazing.

Michael Jackson was the best effing entertainer of the century.
Actually, ever.
Don't you people forget that.

Rest in peace Michael.

Peace out.
- Brooke

Oh my gee.

I am getting quite addicted to two evils.

I know it's very sad, but once you get on there, you never find your way back out.
Sadly, it's very fun.

2. looking at for shoes
Looking at that site renews my faith in God, seriously.
He has to be a good Lord to reward his creations with such effing awesome things.

I want these shoes bad. Oh, materialistic me. I better find a way to make money pretty soon. DX

Friday, July 3, 2009

Summer has finally begun...

It's amazing how things can just turn around in a blink of an eye.
I'm over to the next grade, it's summer, and I have absolutely NOTHING to do.
And it feels great.
No obligations or responsibilities, no school, no grades to get up before the school year ends. I pretty much feel on top.

Things to look forward to:
1. My little cousin and aunt visiting from Sweden on Saturday.
2. Rotemy/Amalie coming in on the 5th
3. my piercing :) (I was allowed to get a cartilage piercing in my ear if I made it to the next grade. Well, now I have, so my mom can't say anything about it.)
4. 19 July, two weeks of vacation in Drenthe. I'm not actually sure if I should be looking forward to this, it could be dreadfully boring, because I've never been on vacation in my own country before.
5. 22 August.....of course, my own birthday.

Wish list (hopefully, some of these things I might get for my birthday):
1. a NEW CAMERA (my mama promised me this for my B-Day, I hope she follows through.)
2. posters/new curtains/calender to pimp up my room
3. an Apple iPod Nano (green)
4. a laptop...I'm not expecting this any time soon, I guess I have to save up for it with my own money.
5. a new bag for school...hopefully an Oilily.

MY BAG... *wantswantswants*
oilily green

6. a new agenda for next year....hopefully I'll be able to make a decision before then!!

Have a nice vacation, everyone!!!

-Brooke xoxoxo

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Well, I was looking up ingredients for making brownies yesterday (I wanted to make some for my class) and found something pretty amusing.


Gawd. If you want to lose weight, don't eat brownies ,fat ass. XD
And I am now out of school, btw. Yay!!!! Vacation!!! Freeedom!!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Well, My First Post :p


Dunno really why I fancied making a blog. I dunno if anyone will read it. :) But yeah......

Valuble things I have learned in the past week:

facebook> myspace

the Cold War was actually pretty hefty (don't ask.....history class)

the Dutch government should make the school year shorter or I'm going to go insane

I'm still in school. -.-

And unfortunately, next week is exams week which is causing me some %$@#$ stress. :P

So I have to get a good grade in my TWO test for math (yes, that's right) or I'm going to fail it and I won't go to the next grade.

But besides that, no pressure. :O