Friday, May 28, 2010


Doesn't everyone has something like a delete-button in their mind? I do, at least, and the delete-button in my mind has been just as active these past few weeks as the one on my keyboard.
My art teacher asked me a few days ago to redo a wooden panel I had been sawing the entire lesson.
I had an answer ready for her: "Well you can take this piece of wood and stick it up-"
I hastily chose to press DELETE in my mind and replaced it with a simple "OK."

S.K.* asked everyone in general at work today if someone wanted to go to a certain art exhibition with him.
What I wanted to say: "Yes, I'd love to. Totally. And I love your hair." (Btw, marry me. Haha just kidding.XD)
The delete-button in my mind went over those last few sentences (especially that last bit) and replaced it with: silence. After a few moments I said, 'Sorry, I already went.'

Thus is the magic of the delete-button.

I am SUCH a wimp. :)

*S.K. skinny kid with anime hair, otherwise known as some guy I like who I'm too much of a wuss to actually talk to.

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