Saturday, April 10, 2010

Biology, Randomness. The Meaning of Life.

In biology we learned yesterday that most of the bees in a bee hive are female. Most males, when they are born, are simply useful to impregnate the Queen. After the deed they are driven outside out of the bee hive and left to die.
As disturbing as this is (hihi,) I also think it's quite interesting how the women are always on top in the animal kingdom. Women have the power. Females are the boss. Female prey mantises eat male prey matisses after mating. I guess you could say that with humans it's exactly the same way, except that we females are silly enough to let the men actually believe that they are in charge. (Maybe we should stop doing gives them ideas.....)

To switch to a totally different subject, I think it's really time for a change. I've come to a conclusion that I really need to turn things around, preferably before we go on vacation to Florida. It's a kind of goal I have set for myself.
But what's wrong, you say? Well...just about everything. I've gotten extremely lazy lately with organization and planning of homework. The only way I'm getting by in school nowadays is because (not to sound conceited) I am a quick learner and have a lot of useless background knowledge stored in my brain. Otherwise I think my grades would have been terrible. My grades are OK right now, but I think they could be better.
And yeah.....there is of course, other stuff as well....but I think I will explain that in another post.

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