Friday, April 2, 2010


Today is such a lazy, unproductive day and I have decided not to do anything. I did attempt to clean up my room/ do some homework, nothing really came out of any of these attempts, except perhaps that I am a couple of sums further with my economics homework. Oh's Good Friday, mom is making gado-gado (Indonesian dish....a kind of salad with peanut tastes better then it sounds) so we won't be eating meat.
I'm pretty sure my French test on Thursday went badly, but that is completely not my French teacher was being horridly distracting. :O He was watering a plant in the windowsill during the test and it fell out the open window. On top of everything else, it was raining which added to the all-around hilarity.

Me:"I guess that plant's getting enough water now....."

The man is completely nuts. He does things like that every time we take a test, looking up pictures on the computer, making clicking noises or saying random things like, "I have so many papers to grade! Shall I kill myself?"
(Yes, he actually said that. I was tempted to say that he should and get it over with so I could finally finish my test in peace.)
Other news: My salary has just come in (all 103 euros) so now I can go on a shopping spreee!!!! Yay!! I think maybe I'll get Mattie to go to Amsterdam to shop with me.
Grr....perhaps I really should clean up my room....I know being unproductive today is going to cost me later, because I think I'm going to be busy the upcoming days. Somehow I still can't motivate myself....:P

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